Fire Extinguishers

Tailored fire protection.

Modern fire extinguisher systems are powerful and effective and are available in a variety of styles. The Scion team has deep experience in the installation of such systems and is proud to support and protect businesses and private owners from a very real threat.

The system you need, the way you require it. 

Not all fire is equal; it’s vital for property owners to have extinguisher systems that are appropriate for the type of fire that may occur in their premise. Early detection is also critical in detecting the signs of fire before assets are damaged and lives put at risk.

Certain extinguisher systems are more effective in neutralising specific types of fire. To cater for all potential scenarios, our team can advise on and install water, CO2, foam, powder, and wet chemical systems according to the expected fire risk your premise faces.

Expert advice – whenever you need it.

These systems are chosen by Scion for their efficiency and user-friendly interfaces. As always, if assistance is required on how to maintain and operate your extinguisher system, we’re right here to provide it.

More than 5 employees? It is a legal requirement to have a fire risk assessment, read more here.



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