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Overview To Our Hosted Telephone Systems

The Scion team saves your business both time and money with a bespoke hosted phone system service that’s hard to beat.  In today’s digital business world means your communication must be reliable and flexible. A cloud communications system installed by Scion is an investment that will transform the way your business handles communications in an improved way which will save time.

Cloud based solution

Phone calls anywhere on any device, this is what a hosted phone system provides. Flexible working and remote access are facts of modern working life, and an ideal communications service knows and supports this. Scion’s hosted phone systems make conferences and calls possible while in and out of the office, keeping your staff connected at all times.

We make installation easy and bespoke to you

Every business is different and will have different requirements when it comes to telephony. We will visit your business premises and work out a system which will work for all the different areas of your business.

One reliable supplier

No more grasping for invoices and email addresses; we’ve got you covered. Ongoing support, on-site visits and installation go hand in hand with comprehensive training guides to make transition to your new system – and its ongoing maintenance – simple and easy.

Scale isn’t a problem

Growth is hassle-free where your Scion phone system is concerned. Our 24/7 UK-based support means your issues get resolved quickly, our training and assistance means that new staff receive the information they need to make use of a fantastic system. 


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All in One Package

Our packages include telephones, phone lines, broadband and data storage solutions, as well as a full range of software add-ons, to personalise your system to your requirements.

We help you to reduce your telephone and energy expenses by removing the need for on-site infrastructure administration. We manage all aspects of hardware and software used in your system and are responsible for the maintenance, upgrades and updates. We perform remote software updates to your service package meaning you benefit from a robust, reliable and constantly supported telephone system.

For more information please call us on 0118 940 7200 or use our contact page or the quick form.

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