hosted phone systems web portal

Hosted Phone Systems Web Portal

Our hosted web portal puts convenience at the forefront. We all understand the importance of being professional. When customers and clients call your office, the ease and reliability with which your staff answer can make the difference.

That’s exactly what we provide: a reliable service that frees your business to do what it does best. With our easy to use web portal you’ll have access to the following features at minimal cost and effort – guaranteed.

Admin made easy

Managing your team and handling individual tasks is simple when you have a robust network behind you. Free your staff from the battle against equipment with an easy-access portal that lets them do their job faster. It’s that simple.

Reliability through the cloud

No more headaches when maintenance and upgrading comes around. Our web portal keeps your phone system operational and your network up to date.

Time to free your business. Simplify your management, keep costs low and embrace the always-available power of the cloud with our hosted phone service and reliable web portal.

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All in One Package

Our packages include telephones, phone lines, broadband and data storage solutions, as well as a full range of software add-ons, to personalise your system to your requirements.

We help you to reduce your telephone and energy expenses by removing the need for on-site infrastructure administration. We manage all aspects of hardware and software used in your system and are responsible for the maintenance, upgrades and updates. We perform remote software updates to your service package meaning you benefit from a robust, reliable and constantly supported telephone system.

For more information please call us on 0118 940 7200 or use our contact page or the quick form.

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