Fingerprint Access

Multispectral imaging technology. 

Scion Communication’s multi-spectral imaging technology (MSI) is a modern, effective tool in ensuring security across properties and offices.

Able to scan surface and subsurface levels of the skin simultaneously, our systems build a digital image of each fingerprint to guarantee accuracy and consistency in operation.

Secure biometric access control.

Scion knows from experience that businesses desire access control systems that are effective, secure and easy to maintain and operate.

By using MSI technology as part of your security solution or service offering, you build in accurate functionality that can also be seamlessly integrated into your systems for manufacturers and workforce management software providers.

Flexible technology.

Systems that use MSI technology can easily scale and accommodate the fast-moving requirements of modern businesses. By being able to accurately obtain, store and transmit fingerprints, security systems can smoothly allow for the movement of site visitors, staff, and other individuals such as contractors.

This makes MSI technology valuable for larger offices and warehouses – areas which typically see regular footfall from a variety of different sources.


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