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Hosted/VoIP Telephone Provider

Built using leading technology from Scion, our hosted telephony system provides you with great flexibility. Not only can we remotely manage and transfer calls directly to your office from our data centres without disruption or delay, our hosted telephone service allows us to transfer calls to off-site workers. Our systems help you to stay connected with customers and colleagues always.

Cloud Based Solutions

Our cloud based systems gives you the ability to manage your company’s entire communications package across multiple sites through a service package and interface created specifically for you. What’s more, we provide and manage this service without having to install any of the hardware used with an onsite telecoms system.

Cloud telephony integrates seamlessly with your business network infrastructure and applications to unify your communication channels.

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All in One Package

Our packages include telephones, phone lines, broadband and data storage solutions, as well as a full range of software add-ons, to personalise your system to your requirements.

We help you to reduce your telephone and energy expenses by removing the need for on-site infrastructure administration. We manage all aspects of hardware and software used in your system and are responsible for the maintenance, upgrades and updates. We perform remote software updates to your service package meaning you benefit from a robust, reliable and constantly supported telephone system.

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Maintenance and Servicing

As our hosted telephony service is cloud based it removes the need for onsite infrastructure and the associated upkeep and servicing. A huge advantage to a hosted telephone system is that our engineers can work remotely to monitor and resolve any issues that may arise at any time, without needing to schedule access and meetings and disrupt you from your business.

Secure Telephones

We provide you with full disaster recovery as all our hosted systems reside in a secure, fully backed-up data-centre.

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Hosted Telephone Provider

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